Just a thought: The immersive View of RPGS

While developing my game I have found something interesting or rather perceived something that is very important at least to me about RPGs that makes a huge difference in how I enjoy the games.

I was playing stardew valley analyzing movement and interactions within the game and switched over to another RPG.

At this time I was (and still am) playing a lot of RPGs looking for functions that I liked that may inspire me in my own developement.

I noticed that how the game is scaled on screen impacted my experience while playing.

To give an example:

You can Play the game like this withe everything in view

or like this. in this view the game must be explored without reference besides the map.

I like both but I have found in games like final fantasy (The series I can’t stop mentioning all time.) That I enjoy the closer view because i feel more immersed in the world and am forced to constantly move rather than look around with my eyes and reference where I am going.

This is something that could be taken in account when tailoring the experience you desire for the player when designing your game.

Just a thought.



Novice at everything.

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